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A lot of people who use beauty products are concerned with what kind of chemicals they put on to their faces, while others could care less as long as it gets the job done. Beauty products, in order to calm the maelstrom of customers, have begun to label their products as “organic” and other similar labels. Most of these labels carry little to no meaning; nonetheless, some say that knowing their products claim to be healthy is comforting.

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Beauty product users who want no toxic chemicals as a part of the ingredients believe that any toxic substance used on the skin has the potential to be harmful to the skin or body since chemicals can be absorbed through the skin. To combat this problem, a company called Limelight manufacturers a line of skin care products they claim are "harmful chemical free". To spread buzz about their product line, customers can learn how to join Limelight and sell the products to others.

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As with all arguments, there is another side that could care less about the chemicals that go into making beauty products. This view states that it is highly impossible to have something toxic go into a beauty product. They claim that the labels assuring non-toxicity from the competition are bogus and are only there to appease certain groups of people. Another argument is that even natural chemicals can be harmful to the body if used incorrectly.

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Beauty product labels are regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Their main concern with beauty products is that nothing like drugs or a poison is put into the commodity. Another issue they monitor is if the cosmetic is mislabeled, which could lead people into using it in a way that becomes harmful. The FDA generally approves beauty products if they have the correct labeling and warnings, and have FDA approved ingredients.

Making A Decision


Whether or not the chemicals used to make beauty products are harmful to the human body is still an ongoing debate. Therefore, the best way to decide whether a cosmetic is right for you is to use the ones you are comfortable with. Find out if you are allergic to anything, and go from there. If there are any ingredients you don’t like, then don’t use it. Since the labels are not entirely helpful, you must decide for yourself what is and isn’t harmful.